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Who are we?

ACE Software Solutions is a provider of intelligent, automated financial transaction management and sanctions compliance technology for banks and corporates.

For over two decades we've engaged with clients, empowering them with intelligent, self learning solutions that simplify and automate their entire work flow - reducing cost, increasing revenue and giving them the freedom to achieve their goals.

Pelican by ACE

Pelican is our fully automated, agile and scalable platform for secure global financial transactions management that meets the needs of both banks and corporates.

Using AI and natural language processing to contextualise financial messages, Pelican translates, repairs and routes incoming and outgoing payments with human like reasoning and systemic efficiency - while providing end-to-end visibility and control.

  • Streamlined payments and collections
  • Intelligent, automated exception handling eliminates repairs
  • Chooses the fastest and cheapest route for any payment
  • Global file management for all payment types and formats with any-to-any connectivity across all channels
  • Command centre with full visibility and control
  • Intuitive screening against all sanctions regulations
  • Available on premises or as a SaaS solution
Why is our approach

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